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Chicago PD 1×15 A Beautiful Friendship Captures

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1×15 A Beautiful Friendship

Planet saver Sophia Bush

Eco Saint: Sophia Bush
Nobody panic, but I just realized that I have yet to sanctify the eco-friendly actress, Ms. Sophia Bush. My sin of omission is especially regrettable since the brunette bombshell has been an enormous presence in the environmental community for years: way before so many in Young Hollywood decided that sustainable living is not only good for the planet, but for their public images as well. Thankfully, this is one mistake I can easily rectify: Sophia Bush, you are hereby anointed as Global Cool’s newest Eco Saint!

Where do I even begin with this girl? Back in 2010, the Chicago P.D star used her presence in social media to raise funds to help people living in the area of the Gulf of Mexico contaminated by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The following year, the petite powerhouse took part in a marathon benefiting The Nature Conservancy. It’s rare to find a celebrity who’s really willing to break a sweat for a cause. I mean, what celebs don’t love showcasing their designer frocks at red carpet events? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you. But, Ms. Bush put glitz and glamour aside when she hauled her taut derriere and sweat-matted hair across that finish line. She clearly puts the needs of Mother Earth before her own vanity.

The One Tree Hill alumna also assisted Global Green USA in the launch of H&M’s global garment-recycling initiative, and even worked with the US Environmental Protection Agency to launch an eco-friendly Facebook game called eMission.

This week alone, Sophia tweeted two times about climate change (Hey, Years of Living Dangerously, I think I’ve located your newest correspondent right here).

First, she retweeted a Newsweek article about how various cities around the world are going to be impacted by the imminent melting of the West Antarctica Ice Sheet. The following day, Sophia tweeted a link to a Huffington Post piece that spoke about the economic ramifications of planetary warming. The ex-Mrs. Murray (his loss) made certain she put her two cents in when she tweeted the Huffington Post article, adding the words “Listening Yet?” in a clear shout-out to the pesky climate change deniers.

Sophia may PLAY a ‘woman in blue’ on her hit television series, Chicago P.D, but it’s clear that ‘green’ is the color of choice for this eco-conscious thespian!

To see Detective Erin Lindsay in action, check out Chicago P.D Wednesdays at 10 PM EST on NBC.

Source: Global Cool

Chicago PD 1×14 The Docks Captures

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Chicago PD 1×13 My Way Captures

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Sophia on the set of Extra with Jesse – May 19, 2014

Sophia and Jesse Lee Soffer were spotted on the set of Extra taping an interview last Monday, May 19, 2014! Photos in the gallery! What do you think of Sophia’s new do?

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Public Appearances > 2014 > On the set of Extra – May 19, 2014

Chicago P.D. Boss Teases Another “Unexpected Death” and Atwater’s Addition to the Unit

The body count just keeps rising on Chicago P.D.

The cop drama, which killed off one of its own in the very first episode, will also end its inaugural season with another major fatality. The death will come as a result of the recent secret meetings between the Intelligent Unit’s tech and surveillance expert, Jin (Archie Kao), and Voight’s Internal Affairs handler,Sgt. Edwin Stillwell (Ian Bohen).

“It hits critical mass in the finale and one of the characters involved in all this dies,” executive producer Matt Olmstead tells TVGuide.com of Wednesday’s season finale (10/9c, NBC). “Not only do you have an unexpected death in the finale, you know who the suspect is — you know who did it. So there’s a major bomb that drops at the end of the episode which is going to have big ramifications going forward into Season 2. That whole story line hits a shattering climax.”

The death will send shockwaves throughout the group, but will hit Voight (Jason Beghe) the hardest. “[It impacts] the game that Voight’s playing a little bit in terms of giving internal affairs a little bit of what they want. But was he a dirty cop? Is he a dirty cop? Will he continue to be a dirty cop? Was he ever?” Olmstead says. “It has ramifications because it takes Voight out of his comfort zone — [it's] the one thing in his life and his business that he doesn’t have full control over.”

Despite the high amount of bloodshed already, particularly the shooting in Episode 13 that seriously injured Antonio (Jon Seda) and killed a lieutenant and two other guards, Olmstead says there was no hesitation about killing off another character. “On a high-stakes show like this, we have to go there when it’s appropriate,” he says. “It just felt like it was the natural ramification of a lot of people playing dirty pool and someone had to go.”

For one member of the team, this loss will just be a small part of their problems. In the season finale, Lindsay (Sophia Bush) will struggle with keeping her past from ruining her future when her old friend Charlie asks her for a big favor. “It’s a favor that risks her career, but she doesn’t really have a choice because he’s in possession of a secret from her past that could derail not only her career but her life,” Olmstead says. “She’s in a horrible situation.”

Charlie’s reappearance coincides with another return from Lindsay’s past: Nadia (Stella Maeve), the drug-addicted massage parlor worker and CI whom Lindsay unsuccessfully tried to take in and help sober up earlier this season. “She tries to do for her what Voight did to Lindsay. Can she salvage this character?” Olmstead says. “And it’s happening at the same time where her past comes back to haunt her in the form of this Charlie character.”

Although Voight may have his hands full, Lindsay will be able to turn to someone else from the team for help. “She leans on Halstead. … She does go to him with no options,” Olmstead says. “She’s not quite sure that’s the solution because if [Voight] finds out what the real secret is that this Charlie character possesses, it’s curtains for her. So with no options, she goes to Halstead and he finds a way to hopefully get her out of it.”

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