Sophia has two magazine features coming up! First in March, Bello Magazine, and in April Good Housekeeping Magazine! Here are two BTS Photos! Stay tuned!

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You could already check out Sophia’s portraits from the NBC TCA Tour, now I’ve added some of her and Jesse Lee Soffer!

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Chicago have been waiting for months for (now-former) partners Erin Lindsay and Jay Halstead to take their relationship to the next level. And they weren’t alone.

“The stage direction was ‘There’s heat between these two,’ which we have teased our creators and writers mercilessly about for almost two years,” Sophia Bush tells about making the pilot. “It was our instruction from the beginning. The chemistry has always been there.”

Instead of keeping the two frozen in will-they-or-won’t-they purgatory, the NBC drama (Wednesdays, 10/9c) gave into fan demand last week when the two shared a passionate kiss and then some at the end of the episode. “I think it just felt to everybody like, well, what are we going to keep putting it off for?” Bush says. “Eventually adults that love and care about each other are going to start loving on each other.”

It helps that Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer, along with their co-star Patrick John Flueger (aka Ruzek), had already established a connection when they worked on the failed NBC pilot Hatfields & McCoys months before being cast on P.D. “It was easy for us to create that energy because there was already such familiarity among all of us,” she says. “It’s been crackling for a long time now.”

However, Lindsay and Halstead’s personal gain is the Intelligence Unit’s loss. The only reason Halstead was able to make a move was because Lindsay is now working for the Feds. “There’s always, I think, a goal of what more can I do? What more can I achieve? What more can I explore?” Bush said of Lindsay’s recent exit from the Intelligence Unit. “It’s also flattering and exciting to be offered what looks at least on paper to be a big step up and then what we got to see is that things aren’t always what they seem.”

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Sophia also attended the TCA Tour after party last week with co-star Jesse Lee Soffer! #Linstead!

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Added more photos of Sophia at the NBC Winter Tour last week!

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Chicago Fire may be NBC’s go-to hour for infernos, but it’s Chicago P.D.‘s Lindsay and Halstead who generated the heat when they finally gave in to their feelings on last week’s episode.

On Wednesday’s hour (10/9c), the long-awaited pair “picks up right where they left off” – which if you recall was in the throes of passion (photographic evidence below) – star Jesse Lee Soffer previews.

The twosome will keep the new development in their relationship a secret, “but they’re going to play with, ‘Alright, we’ve put our feet in the water now. Do we tell people? Do we not tell people?’” Soffer continues.

And there’s one person, in particular, whose potential reaction has them worried. “The big question is, do we tell Voight?” costar Sophia Bush says. Adds Soffer: “I’m sure he’s going to find out at some point and we’ll see the wrath of what that looks like afterwards.”

But thus far, the dilemma of whether or not to fill in Voight on their romantic status “has not been answered yet,” Bush reveals.

Meanwhile, the actress is happy to be “adding another layer to peel away of the onion of who these people are.”

“A relationship that starts out of a years-old friendship, obviously, is very different from one that starts because you meet someone at a bar and you go on a date,” she describes. “There is rapport. There is intimate knowledge. There’s a shorthand. I think that’s what the fans are excited about. That’s what we’re excited about exploring is how are all those things affected [or not] by this new dynamic.”

Source: TVLine

PASADENA, Calif. — Congratulations Linstead fans, you broke the internet.

Or at least temporarily messed up Sophia Bush’s phone.

When federal task force rookie Erin Lindsay (Bush) and Det. Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) took it beyond the friend zone in last week’s “Chicago P.D.,” the reaction from Linstead shippers was enthusiastic to say the least.

“I was getting so many tweets per second my phone was freezing; it was wild,” Bush told me at the TV critics’ press tour Friday. She and Soffer were in California repping “P.D.,” along with Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney and Eamonn Walker from “Chicago Fire.”

The actress watched the episode in Chicago with her cast mates and the NBC drama’s co-developer Derek Haas, who snapped a “super sneaky photo” of Bush’s mortified reaction to the hot and heavy scene with Soffer.

“I’m so bashful when it comes to that stuff,” the former “One Tree Hill” star said. “I have to remind myself, it may be us on TV, but grownups have sex. It’s OK.”

Halstead and Lindsay have been flirting for what feels like an eternity. They couldn’t act on their feelings because they both worked for the police department’s Intelligence Unit. Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) made it clear that inter-unit romance is a no-no. That hurdle was removed when Linsday jumped shipped to go to the task force.

Soffer’s thoughts on the hook up: It’s about time.

“It’s great that Linstead if finally happening,” he said, noting that fans were getting restless. “I think the Linstead fans would’ve tuned out if they waited one more episode. My social media has just blown up with hashtag Linstead. It’s crazy.”

@lorirackl ask @SophiaBush are we going to see more #Linstead in the upcoming episodes and how will Voight take their relationship? #TCA

“I’m sure Voight’s going to find out at some point and we’ll see the wrath of what that looks like,” Soffer added. “That’ll be fun to play.”

One group that isn’t thrilled about the new cop couple: Linseride shippers. They’ve been waiting for things to heat up again between Lindsay and “Fire’s” Lt. Kelly Severide (Kinney). Don’t hold your breath, Bush basically said.

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Added more photos of Sophia at the NBC TCA 2015 Winter Tour! Also photos of her and Jesse Lee Soffer, #Linstead!

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