Girl on Top 2014 Officially Begins! Vote in Round 1 Now @Eonline!

64 ladies. Six rounds of competition. One winner.

Girl on Top 214 is officially underway, y’all! Our annual tournament to find TV’s top leading lady kicks off its first round of competition today and judging from the wide range of nominations submitted by you, our dear readers, this year’s tourney is going to be the toughest yet!

Several newbies are making their Girl on Top debuts, including Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany, Sleepy Hollow’s Nicole Beharie and The Blacklist’s Megan Boone, while perennial fan favorites such as Mariska Hargitay from Law & Order: SVU and Stana Katic from Castle also found themselves back in the competition, as well as last year’s finalists, Lost Girl’s Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk, with Palmer taking home the (imaginary) trophy.

We’ve also got some costars battling it out for award, including trios from Game of Thrones and The Vampire Diaries, all four of Pretty Little Liars’ leading ladies, and pairs from The Good Wife, The Originals and Glee. (Fingers crossed we don’t cause any tension on set, this is a friendly competition, people!)

Voting for the first round of competition closes Thursday, April 24 at 5 p.m. PT, with 32 ladies advancing to the second round, which will kick off bright and early on Friday Morning.

And remember, you can vote as often and as many times as you like, and can spread the word about the tournament on Twitter using the #GirlonTop hashtag.

OK, enough with the boring stuff. Let’s rock this vote, shall we?!

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Sophia Bush Says Boyfriend Dan Fredinburg Is Safe After Mt. Everest Avalanche Kills At Least 12

Sophia Bush’s boyfriend Dan Fredinburg is safe after an avalanche at Mt. Everest killed at least twelve people.
The 31-year-old actress confirmed the good news about the Google program manager on Friday morning. Fredinburg has been hiking the world’s highest peak for almost a month.

“For all concerned, @danfredinburg & team are safe at Camp 1 on #Everest after the avalanche. Please keep the Sherpa’s in your prayers,” the One Tree Hill alum tweeted.

Bush also shared an inspirational message in an Instagram snapshot with the caption, “practice, #gratitude.”

Meanwhile, Fredinburg’s most recent Instagram post from his adventure was on Thursday.

“Day 25: Super hero shot in front of the beautiful icefall. We went in it and came back out more energized than ever. #everestawesome #khumbuicefall,” he added along with the stunning snapshot.

Bush and Fredinburg first confirmed their romance last April and the brunette beauty admitted on Instagram last August that she usually shies away from “personal stuff.”

“I wouldn’t have been the same without this man by my side,” the former Partners star gushed about Fredinburg along with a red carpet photograph of the handsome pair at the Do Something Awards. “Thank you, Dan, for loving my passion and my fight. Thank you for being the spark to my match.”

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Sophia Bush has an important message for girls

There are a lot of messages out there we girls hear quite often about how we should present ourselves: Be confident. Be poised. Be (fill in your buzzword of choice). But it’s much rarer to find any direction when it comes to these encouragements. The organization I Am That Girl aims to provide women with these resources, not to fit into a defined box of what is considered “best” by society, but to be the best version of yourself according to you.

“I Am That Girl really is just to allow girls to feel not alone,” organization founder Alexis Jones said.

Jones just recently released her debut novel that is titled with the same slogan as the organization. Her longtime friend, fellow activist and actress Sophia Bush, wrote the forward for the novel.

“You want to create a scene where people are allowed to be their best self, but we’re so often taught that our best is equal to perfect, that our best is only what is right,” Bush told SheKnows. “And we’re at our best when we’re vulnerable, when we are open and open enough to say I’m afraid, I’m having a hard time, I screwed up or I did great at this. Whatever it is. We should look at ourselves as a whole.”

Bush is best known for playing Brooke Davis on The CW’s One Tree Hill, but that role far from defines her. Aside from filming her current show Chicago PD, she is an avid activist who supports multiple organizations in addition to I Am That Girl, including Pencils of Promise and Do Something.

“One of the things that Soph [Bush] does so well is that she engages with her community and that she informs her community, inspires, encourages and challenges her community. …” Jones told us. “It gives permission for girls in our community to follow suit.”

It’s evident that Jones and Bush share a supportive and encouraging friendship. These ladies have had quite the experiences.

“The hashtag should be #rushjunkie,” Bush explained, “because we love to do anything that gives you a rush like speaking onstage to thousands of girls or marching on Washington, whatever!”

The two also have plans to skydive in the near future.

“I’ve actually jumped out of a lot of planes,” Bush said.

Jones agreed, saying, “Of course, this is something that you and I would choose to do.”

The two talk about their plans casually and both agree that speaking onstage is more nerve-racking than skydiving.

“Jumping out of a plane, you literally just have to fall out,” Jones explained. “When you’re onstage, you actually have to look at the statistics and make sense.”

These ladies aren’t slowing down anytime soon either. In fact, Jones has a television show in development. She dished, “I’ve always been really passionate about highlighting different female role models.”

While she isn’t allowed to share specifics about the show, she did clue us in on its key themes. “For me, I was always really passionate about the opportunity of getting to talk about the things my generation are struggling with, which are wonderfully different than the things that Oprah and my mom’s generation struggled with while also bringing in different people who I think are amazing, and they’re going to make it [the show] strong with these inspirational stories of women. It’s going to be a montage of all of that. There’s opportunities to talk about what our generation is doing these days as well as interview people who we think are really bad-a**.”

For Bush, she is busy at work filming her television show Chicago PD. When we asked her what she wanted to improve on in her life, she told us, “It’s nothing new. At the end of the day, I think it’s self-awareness, I think it’s self-acceptance. That’s a lifelong journey for most of us.”

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Sophia Bush Says Rest of ‘Chicago PD’ Season is ‘Quite a Ride’

Last weekend, actress Sophia Bush took a break from filming—she’s the star of NBC’s new Chicago Fire spin-off, Chicago PD—to give back during Barefoot Wine’s Soles of the Year Event, which this year benefited Trio Animal Foundation. We caught up with Sophia at the event to talk about the show and how she’s been spending her extended time in Chicago while filming.

What were some of the challenges or preparations for your role as Erin Lindsay in Chicago PD?
SOPHIA BUSH: We began preparing for the show with a full week of boot camp with the Chicago [Police Department]; we spent time with intelligence officers, who are working undercover, to learn about their lives and the stresses of the job; we spent time doing tactical training with the SWAT team, as well as drive training. It was a serious process, and also so inspiring. Most of us have no idea how hard these men and women work so that we can sleep soundly at night. I am in awe of them.

Have you discovered any great restaurants here?
SB: I’ve been trying to hit so many restaurants here! Avec (615 W. Randolph St., 312-377-2002), Mott Street (1401 N. Ashland Ave., 773-687-9977), Fat Rice (2957 W. Diversey Ave., 773-661-9170), and Sunda (110 W. Illinois St., 312-644-0500). And I have officially discovered the world’s best turkey sandwich at J.P. Graziano deli (901 W. Randolph St., 312-666-4587). This city is food heaven.

Anything else you’ve enjoyed?
SB: I love how many great museums there are in the city. There is so much art and vibrancy. And of course, hockey games!

Is there anything you haven’t yet done or seen that you hope to while in Chicago?
SB: I’m hoping to make it to more Bulls games.

What do you miss most about LA while being here?
SB: LA is my home, so I always miss it: my family, best friends, and sleeping in my own bed. But Chicago is such a great city, and it’s really become my home away from home. I’m very happy here.

What can viewers expect in the coming episodes/seasons of Chicago PD?
SB: Hold on to your hats, people! The rest of the season has us in for quite a ride. We have a crossover coming up with Law & Order: SVU when we return to air on February 26, and then a big crossover episode with Chicago Fire as well. It’ll be action-packed, and you’ll also learn more and more about our characters and what makes them tick.

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Sophia Bush Dishes on ‘Chicago P.D.,’ Favorite Restaurants, Winter Beauty

LINCOLN PARK — Sophia Bush is on a restaurant tour of Chicago.

The 31-year-old California native is in town filming NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” — a spinoff of the TV series “Chicago Fire” — and she’s taking full advantage of the city’s cuisine.

“Mott Street is incredible. The Girl and the Goat is great. I also discovered the best turkey sandwich I have ever had at J.P. Graziano’s deli, so I’m in there at least once a week now,” said Bush, who first rose to small-screen fame as Brooke Davis on the long-running CW series “One Tree Hill.”

Bush spoke to DNAinfo Chicago at the Unleashed dog-boarding facility in Lincoln Park while volunteering with Trio Animal Foundation to support the Barefoot Wine Soles of the Year Program. The effort recognizes “good soles,” including Sue Naiden of Trio, which funds the medical treatment of homeless animals.

How has it been filming in Chicago?

I’m loving working in Chicago. It’s such an awesome city. There’s such a vibrance and energy here. It really is kind of a character in our show.

It’s funny because there are so many shows and films shooting here, and people seem to be just excited about it, which is great for us because we never want to feel like we’re in the way. So to be in a city that is so welcoming to the film industry is lovely.

How did you prepare for your role as detective Erin Lindsay?

We did a full week of boot camp with intelligence officers on the SWAT team, and so we got the real inside scoop on what they’re investigating, where they’re working, what’s going on, what neighborhoods deal with — what kind of issues. It’s intense. There’s a lot that most of us don’t know about what those men and women are doing to keep us safe.

We did a lot of things with the cops, some of which I don’t think I’m allowed to say. But they showed us the city.

Did you study the Chicago accent?

We are around our crew and the police, but they also didn’t want anyone to put on too much of an accent because that can be weird for your viewers.

What’s it like to jump into another TV series after “One Tree Hill”?

It’s my job. You know, I’m an actor. I love to tell stories, and it’s the reason I really dedicated a lot of time, even when we were shooting the last show, to make sure I could make movies on my hiatus, my breaks, so that I had other things to touch and make and see.

This was just a no-brainer for me. I’m working with some of the best creative minds in television and an incredible cast. We’re having the times of our lives.

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Sophia Bush Spills Details on SVU Crossover With Mariska Hargitay: “It’s Like My Birthday!

It’s an NBC crossover-palooza!

Get excited, crime lovers, because some of your fan favorites characters from Law & Order: SVU will be teaming up with the new members of Chicago P.D.

Freshman drama Chicago P.D. has, naturally, been blurring lines with its flagship series, Chicago Fire, but soon the spinoff will be working alongside some of the most prestigious detectives on TV.
In an attempt to catch a criminal on the run, Sophia Bush ‘s Erin Lindsey will travel to New York City to work with the always-dynamic Detective Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay), while Detectives Fin Tutulo (Ice-T) and Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) will be sharing their knowledge with the team in the windy city.

“We have a case that we need a little bit of help with that began in New York City,” Chicago Sophia Bush explained. “And we’re now finding the M.O. in Chicago. SVU was investigating it when he was up there and now it’s on our hands.”

The One Tree Hill actress continued, “We’re trying to make sure that instead of running into any redundancies that we start with all the information that we can and that we get perspective from the officers who were working the case before it went cold in their state. In doing so, we really want to catch this guy.”

Bush, who gushes that she is “the biggest SVU fan,” is thrilled to be flying to New York City this week to work alongside Hargitay. “To have Ice and Kelly come down to work with us, and to be going to work with Mariska, I mean I feel like it’s my birthday.”

The Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: SVU crossover episode is set to air Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 10 p.m.

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Chicago PD’s Sophia Bush Opens Up About Her New Role, Intense Training, and Being Princess Leia

Have you ever wondered how much training goes into making those fast-paced, high action cop shows you see on television? The answer: a lot! Sophia Bush can fully attest to the amount of training she endured to fully capture the abilities of her character Detective Erin Lindsay on the new hit NBC Show Chicago PD.

“We trained a lot,” Bush told me. “We worked with intelligence officers in Chicago. We trained with the swat team and I spent a lot of time with female undercover officers to hear about the job from their perspective as well. We trained in pretty much every arena, high-speed chases and precision driving, weapons training and tactical training and then a lot of that also comes into play when we’re clearing buildings, learning to breech doors. There’s a lot to it.”

NBC described her character as a “tough, no-nonsense detective”. Of course, it’s not easy. Bush, 31, explained to me what her biggest challenge was when preparing for her role of Detective Lindsay.

“For me, I think it’s been learning to let go of the pressure that I put on myself to do everything just so because we all spent so much time as I mentioned with all of these officers and we want to do right by them. We know the stories of their partners who’ve been killed in the line of duty. We know the stories of the kids that they couldn’t save but tried and the crime scenes that they’ve shown up at that still haunt them at night. Knowing how much they sacrifice, we want to make them proud. We want to do our job on a level that makes them nod at the TV screens when they watch our show and that is a great responsibility…. I know for myself and I think for a lot of us, it was very intimidating in the beginning of shooting. Kind of getting any other side of that for me has been a challenge but it’s been a wonderful adventure.”
But don’t feel bad for all of the hours of hard work she puts in, Bush loves being a part of the team.

“Truthfully I’m just ecstatic every day to be at work,” she said. “It’s such a wild ride. This isn’t your dad’s average cathedral. We’re making a TV show for a major network that can support cinema-quality action sequences, but we’re making it with a grit of a cable show. Like I said, it’s a really surreal experience. It’s something that I’m so grateful for … If you’ve ever loved any of the different shows, (if) you’ve ever loved good suspense then this is the show for you.”

Fans of One Tree Hill may still recognize her as Brooke Davis, the popular cheerleader who turned her small fashion line into a huge high end couture line called Clothes Over Bros (yes, that’s the right spelling). Bush portrayed the character of Brooke Davis for nearly 10 years. I had the opportunity to ask her how that role compared to her new role on Chicago PD.

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